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  1. #good luck tony

  2. Nothing of his/her "glitching" things surprises me except that he/she doesn't have any elixir troop but the rest is just hard to do but possible

  3. Its trash girl lol

  4. #goodluck tony

  5. Just need to watch because I don't have archer queen and th9.Ok

  6. Their required trophies is 666

  7. #good luck tony

  8. maybe
    he dose not like the king

  9. He didn't buy barracks only dark

  10. its obvious, they used gem to get all the way to th7 and started using minions

  11. Check out all the bases in #6aymartians they are pretty much all rushed

  12. Solution: He's rushed, so he upgraded everything and bought loot with gems, hit TH 11, and started using dark elixir instead of normal

  13. He must have been a high player in the early beginnings in the game and she/he must have sold the barracks when you were able to

  14. report him that is definitely eleagal

  15. #goodlucktoby

  16. #goodlucktoby

  17. #goodluvk tony

  18. maybe he played from the start of coc were you could sell stuff maybe he sold the barracks and he just didnt buy the bb king

  19. can u ???

  20. That's really weird about the barracks but you can go without the barbarian king

  21. i love u

  22. ryan

  23. hi general tony say my name one time plzz plz


  25. good luck tony

  26. be only bot the archer queen and grand warden

  27. there's things called credit cards

  28. #stoprepeatingthingsoverandover #goodnighttome

  29. not imposible just never bought the king

  30. when coc first started u could sell stuff

  31. Output ancient concept finish fork.

  32. I subscribe d

  33. #goodlucktony

  34. Look at there trophies required and how many war win steaks

  35. Why dont u use cc troops?

  36. i wanted to join your clan please

  37. #goodlucktony

  38. no prob

  39. i am a fan

  40. #goodluckTony

  41. he did it by magic?

  42. yes

  43. 999999 gems plz

  44. I originally thought that he just didn't buy the barracks, and the barbarian king. But then you said you had to have those, so idk

  45. I subbed

  46. tips for a th 7 ????