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Clash of Clans | THIS CLAN QUIT | Town Hall 11 3 Starred by TH 10?

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  1. What do you mean ?? LMFAO

  2. #CQOTD Whoa Cam You Could Get Banned4Life For Having 2 Accounts on 1 Device Are You Aware Of That!!??

  3. u can join my lvl7 clan for your new account #LQJV9YV
    but its not the best clan
    th9 dont have lvl10 queen and they cant use air attacks

  4. try playing vainglory and post a video

  5. CQOTD:can you join my clan iron warriors clan tag ism#PROYCGGG

  6. CQOTD: Cam did you know that using multiple bases on one device is illigal

  7. Are you planning on doing any thing else in the future apart from YouTube


  9. daddys darling is in trouble

  10. Aero would get that 3 star if he had another 2 minutes lol

  11. Hmmm…Iphone 6s is out and you're still using iphone 4 or 5 for intro?

  12. I am in a lvl 8 clan I.P.M.O

  13. Lmao u didnt even kill the queen

  14. QOTD: can you join with that 4e acc my Clan? the name is TakeAPunch? if you THNXX YAYAYAYAYAYAY

  15. Comment Question: Is CamaroBro your main account?

  16. Bro join my lvl5 clan…Clancrushers….winning our 2nd perfect war….U will find blaze there..thts me….india location

  17. We had a th9 in our clan who 60% 2 starred a max th11

  18. Cam queens ability

  19. Download clash Royal please and join my clan we are rated 203 on global. 42 on Australia. Aussie savages is the name of my clan

  20. nice one cam are you geming your new acc