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  1. It looks like Andrew has a lvl 111 barbarian king

  2. anyone looking for a clan join mines :p th6+ pls clan tag is #QVG9L8PQ the name is Fallen

  3. nice video

  4. beak your my man

  5. Well done beak

  6. bro check out Savage seven clan perks 9 it's awesome ?

  7. Love the live war, keep it going Beak

  8. Did you guys end up winning ?

  9. Hey Beak

  10. Beak your a legend

  11. HEY BEAK ❤️

  12. beaker, you are the best clash of clans youtuber and i watch all ur clash vids. Do a little home tour or vlog for all of us man please <3 :)

  13. Hey Beaker, i copied your th9 farming base and its been doing really well for me, awesome base build buddy!!

  14. Nice video buddy:)

  15. Hey beaky buddy


  17. do you not get bored hitting such easy bases? i know they're your opposite but still

  18. We are having a similar war rn. Except 15v15 other clan attacked rlly early and it ends 2moro night. Hopefully we can catch up

  19. Yo what's up buddies

  20. level

  21. Where it shows all the troops at the bottom of a replay well the first replay he has a 111 king look at it

  22. yes! live war!

  23. beak what do you request for you War cc ??

  24. 3:55 lvl 111 barb king

  25. good luck on the war

  26. id and password plzz give me

  27. Beaker why don't you show some th8 stuff

  28. In my last attack, i did a hog raid, and I got 49%. SO ANGRY!!!!! Needed one start for that loot bonus ??????

  29. Nice vid Buddy !!!?

  30. beak do u have a wife

  31. I meant MYSTLC7

  32. sup beak have u watched mystic. he's a coc YouTube?

  33. grt video mate

  34. beak respond please?

  35. Do live war with lucky Dragon!!! Please.

  36. More of this!!

  37. beak ur heaps good at this game ive watched pretty much all ur vidoes

  38. Nice Vid 🙂 i like it

  39. Hyy beak peace ✌️✌✌✌

  40. yow beak

  41. The best, most chill clash YouTuber.

  42. How did you go beak is the war over yet?

  43. Nice beaker again lol????

  44. live war baby :)

  45. Hope you continue posting wars attacks, especially TH 10 and Th11.

    I really enjoy this live attack ??، however in your attack when i saw the CC valcs go around i thought you will never get it. However you did ??. Best of luck bro

  46. sup beaker

  47. You should have tested the funnelling with your lvl 4 valks before u placed the cc troops.