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Clash Of Clans | Tony To Legends League!! Maxing Out Town Hall 11! | 400,000 Announcements!

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  1. yes live stream

  2. Clash of clans face reveal

  3. do a face cam

  4. What was your favourite t.v. show as a child?

  5. Tony u could 3 star every base with max valks 🙂 Me and my clan mates 3 starring max th10s and some th11s. Check by if u want Venum Elite lvl 9 clan (Any1 can come)

  6. Can you eat a tub of toxic waste the sweet and put all the sweets in the tub in you mouth at once

  7. How many money have you spend on coc? #asktony

  8. So… How many months did you dedicate to coc ? + Do you stay on for a long time or just 15-20 minutes?

  9. general tony

  10. tony what do u like to do in your morning.

  11. 9:35, nice voice crack ?

  12. #QnA were did you get your name

  13. Great video:)

  14. open the clan tropies 1800

  15. my eyeeesss my eyeesss #lol

  16. how do u give gems to winners

  17. Is YouTube your full time job? #asktony

  18. Tony, do have any way I can contact you, I just became th8 and I can really use some advice for a base layout, plz reply.

  19. General Tony, can I join your clan, I am in search of a clan and I am new to town hall 8 in gold league-1 with xp-85

  20. pzl bro I need th8 can you give me

  21. bro can you give me any accoun for ply

  22. Super magical hype

  23. Q & A do you have other games than coc and clash royale

  24. What. Is yr favourite food? Cool vid again

  25. Are u married

  26. the qna question fill the gap with yes or no
    ……i'm gay

  27. Hey Tony Can You Make A Second Account ?? It Would Be Very Fun To See How You Grow Your Village From TH1… And I Would Like To See You The Live-stream !! BTW Can You Tell Your Feeder Clans Name ?? Looking Forward To Join Your Clan ………You Are Best Tony

  28. stream

  29. walls are defences as well m8

  30. Do you have a girlfriend ? :-)

  31. lol. he said legend ARENA! Plz tell me if I spelt 'ARENA' wrong

  32. sub me and cmnt done i will sub back with 4 accounts

  33. when tony says:let's push to legendary arena at abaut 2:00

  34. The ice bucket challenge?

  35. What was your reaction when supercell striked your channel and how did it make you feel?

  36. Cheeky tony

  37. I Love your vid

  38. do u have a gf? ???

  39. do u have a gf? ???

  40. eat boibs