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  1. #Yeti

  2. I want to win

  3. Ye change the troops for Xmas it will be funny!!

  4. y'all should do a peka that when it dies 2 more mini pekas come alive

  5. abraka(dab)ra

  6. hello everybody I'm johnyblitz156 a new youtuber

  7. there should be a troop named Abra'dab'ra and he dabs and lightning is shot out?

  8. pls talk me general tony I do like in all your videos and I subscribe to you from 8 gmails

  9. hey guys has tony started the Christmas giveaway?

  10. Centaur = Sen-chew-uh apparently

  11. the cannon master whick is like a barbarian with a lot of health that has 2 cannons on his back which fires bombs that would b so OP

  12. the Zeus might as well be a hero

  13. When are you gonna be rushing Baby Tony I think it's called?

  14. At 9:50 he sounded like a goat/horse??

  15. I have a trop to submit how do I she is powerful

  16. i really wanted an xbox one for my birthday, but i never got one….

  17. they should add a archer queen and a peaker mixed tk gether for a troop

  18. 2015:not the best doesn't have good stuff
    2016:the best has amazing stuff like more updates

  19. my pick*

  20. My mom said if I reach 2200 subscribers tonight she will buy me a puppy. Help me out please.

  21. I like the:The Zeus The best

  22. my favorites are death master and zeus

  23. the yeti looks too much like the ice golem

  24. hello General Tony hmm my pock is the earthworm and i love it ..really

  25. death master no bec to easy to cheat in war

  26. and 10

  27. i love all vidéo