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  1. Hey yo this is a nice video clash

  2. I am max th7

  3. Hope you all enjoyed this Clash of Clans video where I list 10 things ruled out for updates! #ClashofClans

  4. I sad ———————–
    ———————————————————————————————— ________

  5. u did

  6. hi clash I denide me thing to join last night

  7. Love the vid man

  8. Yo its me Mr clasher when you get 1.000 subs could u give us a face reveal up to u drop a like if he should.

  9. Hey mr clasher

  10. Did not think you would reply lol

  11. By the end of the year you will have 100K 🙂

    If not then you deserve it..

    Have a good day!

  12. I like my art check it out
    Like or die in 3 seconds

  13. Dude. I saw the comment on romans channel. U got this! Road to 50k!

  14. Gem mine would be added, supercell said a while ago

  15. Good video!!
    I hope they don't even put in gem mines or anything like that. You already get a lot of free gems from trees bushes and such.

  16. yolo people

  17. Hi

  18. 3rd :(

  19. Sup

  20. hey

  21. hi