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Clash of Clans – TOP 3 Best Town hall 7 Bases w/ Three Air Defenses!! NEW CoC TH7 Hybrid/Farm Bases!

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  1. can u make th 8 base?

  2. the one

  3. Bro can you make th9 trophy base in master l :)

  4. Top 3 TH8 war bases?

  5. Upload

  6. Thank God i pushed to masters as a th7 before the 3rd air def was introduced lol

  7. Do th8 top three

  8. jetta-i love to chage the world (mastub remix)

  9. hey. I found this really cool new glitch I just unloaded it. check it out and try to make it popular. thx

  10. What is the intro song

  11. Hell Yeah I Enjoyed It .I like the #1 too !!

  12. Can u plz un ban me plzz

  13. Eclihpse Great choice with the anti-hog ring and BRO centralized Mortars and Air Defenses will make people attack and be like Smh XD but thanks since I'm a th7 and this definitely helped a lot :D

  14. I always dance to that into! Nice

  15. Hey Eclihpse can you search 'Imagine Dragons' lvl 8 the first player in that clan is a master name Dave (I think) and check out Gears Of War and check out that base and can you tell me if it's good or not.

  16. the thired one but it those not have a dark berrekt

  17. can you please make a war base for town hall 9 please

  18. Hey can you show some defence replays of the baces. especially the no 1 bace.

  19. I will use name 1

  20. 1

  21. eclihpse I did a war attack on my main…. its it the most clutch attack ever in the history of CoC… you have to see it… I can send you the video of the raid if you want, and maybe you could make a vid about it… ;D


  23. He does a townhall 7 base video when I go to townhall 8 -.- xD