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Clash of Clans | TOP 3 TH7 Farming Base 2016 | CoC BEST Town Hall 7 Defense [TH7 2016]

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  1. Which base would you suggest?

  2. can you do a th7 trophy & war base please.

  3. can you do a th7 trophy & war base please.

  4. make a top 3 townhall 9 bases!?

  5. i love you :3

  6. Hey bro I love your vids and I mean I wanna be a big YouTuber like you man. That would mean the world to me and well I'm 13 and live in a small town trying to get noticed on YouTube and maybe be a big YouTuber one day so I mean I really hope you see this I mean Ik this is allot to ask for I understand if you say no but I really want an audience so maybe a shout out or anything to get more subs for me… I really hope you see this but thanks…

  7. #2

  8. cool videos man your the best

  9. ดี

  10. th8

  11. #1

  12. as an experienced player i think the 3rd one is the best. it's a th7 variant of the th8 pacman base it gives the attacker free 30% for a shielf and that's it

  13. /1

  14. 3 layalts tops

  15. I Recommend the first one.

  16. try to make a anti 3 star base or farm vase without clan castle troops

  17. Great Base Jaso do you know if I could join your clan?

  18. wats is the name of the one music

  19. And I like #1

  20. Top th9 Please but for DE

  21. #2

  22. good

  23. When you have just upgrade your townhall what do you think I should upgrade first?

  24. th8 war bases need one anti 2 stars pls

  25. top 3 base farm hall 9

  26. cara si puder passar nome da música que vc feiz o vidio vou agradecer bastante

  27. I two star the 3rd base with 200 archers and level 2 barbarian king and no spells.


  29. The first one is my base. ??

  30. #2

  31. #1 2 3 are cool XD

  32. #3

  33. #1!

  34. What's the name of the song which came before invincible

  35. I would like to see next top 3 th8

  36. ♡love your vids they are great man keep up your good work!

  37. Yay Jaso ! Th7 vid ! Love ur vids man! U should make a th10 troll base that would be cool! Love u Jaso!

  38. Well done Jaso! Loving It Mate,Its Giving Me Options to do My Max th7 Like These,Keep It Up?

  39. nice

  40. song?

  41. nice vid jaso. C:
    I like your content but I think that u have to start some kind of series. it would make us more excited and keep us so we watch your videos
    P.S. it's just an idea, u can think something more fun yourself

    keep it up ;)

  42. Jaso i like the #1 because have the storages in second line of defence ^^ like bro

  43. bro no sé si hablas español pero me aceptas en tú clan

  44. Я русский

  45. jaso make base th8 protect loot pls

  46. #1

  47. waaaaaaaaaw

  48. killer

  49. 3

  50. #2 because ive used that base