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Clash Of Clans – TOP 3 Town Hall 10 (TH10) Trophy Base 2016 + Defense Replays | TITAN

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  1. waiting for that guy to say: uhm this base is so easy to quake and easy to 3 star dislike!

  2. nice bro..?

  3. not good bases.

  4. I Love Your Base Designs Richi Your 1 of the Best? im using 1 of your Bases TH9 Trophy Base…..

  5. the 2 first bases are taken from other chanels and the are very bad but the 3rd is a good one

  6. Trust me this bases cant defend well on above titan 3, all of them get almost 3stared all the time

  7. 30 Likes !!

  8. well guys now dont say your first and just watch the video thanks (: