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Clash of Clans – TOP 3 Useless Troops of ALL Time!! WORST TROOPS in Clash! (CoC Top 3 Worst Troops!)

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  1. 1.haste spell
    3.lava hound

  2. 1.goblin 2.Giant 3.golem

  3. pekka giant healer

  4. 1 goblins 2 giants 3 wall breakers

  5. What about goblins!!!!!! They are never used

  6. Don't agree

  7. OMG I completely forgot Valkyrie was even a troop cause no one uses it?your so rigjt

  8. 1. Valkyrie
    2. Goblins
    3. Haste

  9. they suck

  10. Will you do a video with goblins than?

  11. bud lightning is one of the best th10 spell to triple and valks one of the most op troopnat th9 lol :)

  12. 1.Valks



  13. Minions, Valks, goblins

  14. u r absolutely right!

  15. Healer. Wall breaker. Valkaries

  16. Lightning spell is so OP…
    At th7 and th8 you can take out an air defense easily with 2 of them + eq spell.
    At higher townhalls it can be useful by lightening infernos+xbows+clancastle+queen at the same time.
    Valkyries are boss. GoVaLoon and GoVaHog are just some examples. The AI is easily to get through.

  17. valks used to take 15 minutes XD

  18. wut is the intro song

  19. Goblins????

  20. Everytime i watch echlipse's vids the intro's song always gets stuck on my head

  21. barbs and archers and goblins

  22. Mate… I know you might find these troops useless… but the truth is, none of the troops in clash are useless. All troops are base-specific… I'm sorry but you shouldn't make videos like this… Every troop in clash gets used. Valkyries for example, th8 and th9 GoVaLo and GoVaHo. Valks in the killsquad will almost definitely replace a hero when it's upgrading like your king or queen. I'm kinda dissapointed you made this video…

  23. Valkry , minions