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Clash Of Clans | TOP 4 ADVANCED ATTACKS for TH9 (OneHive)

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  3. PLEASE make a TH10 video like this!!!

  4. Powerbang and ash are by far the best clash youtubers

  5. I thought Sir Goodpasture was from WHF, why is he on Onehive?

  6. So excited for Jake Interview… he was always my favourite youtuber and has done so much for my COC journey…

  7. hahahaha coc juices flowing great joke

  8. visit warwhales

  9. too many coc videos, do you even play CR?

  10. I'm surprised how bad those base designs are lurable th9s? th10s where the queen can reach ads? Noob moves

  11. Those attacks were so well planned! Please make a guide to attacking! More on planning the attacks would be great to watch.

  12. we have great luck with th9 gohog 2 golems, 4 wiz, 2 wbs, about 5 archers, cc bowlers, rest hogs 1 jump 3 heals. War record 251 wins 8 losses woot woot with none of that defenseless base crap in our line up. I appreciate your videos.

  13. i liked the gowipe video :/

  14. with friendly war clan is doing amazing now hope jake will come back!

  15. Jack………he will never back……

  16. ash please make more vid bout COC!

  17. 0:50 coc juices flowing…

  18. More coc pls

  19. Realistic qualify exhibit yellow calculate both.

  20. can't wait for the Jake interview!

  21. Leave load repair kiqes stream faculty breast delay.

  22. Didn't OneHive lose this war by 7 stars? Maybe you should have given PwC some credit. They are clearly superior to what was showcased here.


  24. Nice one Ash! Good to see you're still working on CoC like some of the fans request occasionally!! Good job, can you check your Twitter?

  25. Back almost a year and a half when I played this game we all just used gowiwipe…

  26. really excited for the interview with jake! already subbed to brutal raids (a month ago) ^^

  27. Yes more CoC content!! You are awesome Ash! <3

  28. Ash any help for a small youtuber

  29. Hey Ash, Great video as always. I know this is a lot to ask but if you could possible shout me out in any video or in the description of a video it would be AMAZING. If not, it's all good man. Have a good night!

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  31. oh man clash of clans hehe

  32. nice

  33. If y'all want a good clan join Caesar's palace we're level 11 and or Synergy Union in royale if your 4200+ I'm DeathScytheSoul in both.

  34. Nice video MORE COC PLEASE :)

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  36. My "COC juices flowing"..
    No need to clarify my man, every guy has this on his mind!