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Clash of Clans | TOP 4 TH8 War Bases | CoC Town Hall 8 War Defense Strategy [Base Designs of 2016]

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  1. Jaso you realy got taste for base design ^^

  2. Nice job! Love your bases, always work great

  3. For when i get to TH7 can you make some th7 bases preferably 1 hybrid 1 farming and 1 war base would be grately apreciated.

  4. when will you upload th7 trophy base?

  5. I use ur base. Never 3 star for th8 attack. Only th9 can 3 stars it. Hahahaha. Good work. Well done bro. This my favorite song also.

  6. Hey Jaso, how are you? I need a th8 Max Dark Elixir Base, I want to max my storages entering townhall 9, and I know you have the best bases

  7. out of curiosity are any of these tested none of them are th8

  8. i like barcode and jaso base and love there bases because both make awsome base

  9. omg I am in love with you lol

  10. i like ur base jaso

  11. nice vid! ive been using all your th9 bases and they work so well thanks! im dropping a like

  12. Awese video bro!?

  13. How can I qualify for your clan

  14. epic top 4 th8 bases Jaso keep it up m8 u are ace at base builds u always know when to help people out with bases

  15. im using your base its de best. Nice video again you are my 2 favorite coc youtuber rigth after clash with cam and ritgh in front of galadon

  16. LIKE !!!

  17. top4 Hybrid base for Th 8 PLS

  18. Nice bases

  19. Hey Jaso, I have been using your base designs since like 4 or 5 wars and I have been 3 starred only once!! Thank you very much for the base!! You can come check out a few replays in my clan. The clan tag is #LR20R9PU and I am 'psk' TH8.

  20. I use the one bottom left and that base is very good thanks jaso

  21. good

  22. did all execept one