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Clash Of Clans | TOP 4 TH9 HYBRID BASES 2016! “NEW UPDATE!” – CoC BEST Town Hall 9 Farming Bases!

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  1. Lately there`s been far too much usage of "super queen" for farming because most bases leave the air defenses vulnerable. So That`s why I think Jess and Havoc did an OK job. Not perfect but still good enough.

    As for farming in general at TH9 – well…we get hit from all directions with different attacks by people with TH9 or higher…basically – IT`S FUCKING HORRIBLE ON DEFENSE! I hate it so much! SC FUCKED up big, AGAIN.

  2. Sorry HaVoC, but Eclihpse base is better;) #NoHate.

  3. i liked jess and eclipse

  4. Speed build song ?

  5. Witch one is the best for farming gold/elexer?

  6. I have got a basis for th9 where black is very focused and is very defended if you would like to see it visit me in the clan #QYRRU00… I am nicky_the_best level 119…i thank you if you see it

  7. what song is this called

  8. I can't choose between Havoc or eclipse!

  9. top 4 town hall 8 bases?

  10. Reporting in, eclipse base not so good. Sides are weak and base is susceptible to queen walk. Had my base wrecked as a near max th9 many times. Cool design though

  11. Good bases. perfect song… Name please? :)

  12. Nice takeoff… you did a nice choose in the song.

  13. Been here since you started at 5k. Keep it up :D

  14. Can u pls make a th8 Trophy base

  15. I vote for Ghostly, bc shes gorgeous! ?

  16. I'm honestly just trying to see which is the most popular in the comments, also I'm commenting with 69 comments already in the video

  17. Im watching now your videos 1 year ! And you still be the est base desinger ! I know i am too little for but i want a base vs base …


  19. HaVoc Gaming what is the name of the intro