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Clash Of Clans | TOP 4 TH9 TROPHY BASES 2016! “NEW UPDATE!” – CoC BEST Town Hall 9 War Bases!

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  1. what is this song name?

  2. Which is the name of the song in the background?

  3. Havoc gaming made more tighter bases then Jess

  4. +HaVoC Gaming – Clash of clans What is the name of the song

  5. music song?

  6. like! Music ?

  7. no offense havoc but ghostly skies' base looks more dope but all the bases are worth a try :D

  8. no ice fucking vid

  9. could you invite me to your clan I'm th7

  10. The song is called Twenty-Something (Lucian Remix) By Kiri Tse ,your welcome!

  11. please name it music =3

  12. What's the song called?


  14. Top th8,5 please!!!

  15. I probably should talk to havoc about getting in on one of theses base vs bases.

  16. Two of these bases were made by fathead. Haha i bet he appreciates the shout out.

  17. What's the name of this song?

  18. Plz do town hall 8s!! D:

  19. Respond to ion calling out Lewis for scamming

  20. <3


  22. Does any of these base work :)?

  23. Twenty Something is the song

  24. Great vid once again these are my baes!

  25. What's this song called?

  26. I love it when you make vids like this, bases flying around everywhere. Keep up the awesome work HaVoC

  27. Will you do TH8 war bases soon, Havoc?

  28. Top 5 th9 farming base pls

  29. thanks needed this

  30. What's that song?

  31. ahhmm.. okay :D