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Clash of Clans – Top 5 Best Town hall 8 Defense Th8 Farming Base & Hybrid Base Anti 3 Star

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  1. How do u have a maxed out base for every town hall?

  2. TH8 farming base

  3. BR nesse canal?

  4. All of the bases are bad..

  5. superb bro,,,Can u plssee make new base for th6.

  6. please do a th7 war base design

  7. Number 3 was the best

  8. Omg! You actually did it!! I asked it a month ago! Thanks!

  9. Tu es dans quel clan stp ?

  10. Cool vid

  11. like master

  12. Can you Mack a anti 3 star for town hall 6?

  13. While these bases are good at preventing 3 stars, none protect dark elixir. I am finding that at around 25000 DE I am constantly raided for DE even with no gold or elixir available. I have purple walls and have to make final upgrades to my wizard towers, archer towers, and hidden teslas. Experienced players can 60-70% these bases with wall breakers, giants, wizards, and archers and still raid most of the loot.

  14. the 3rd base does not work

  15. Nice Layouts For TH8

  16. nice video bro! keep up the good work! and your bases really helps me out!

  17. r u gonna make videos on our clan and clan wars

  18. Yo gamedice, in ur opinion whatdaya think is the best

  19. updated th5 war base pls?

  20. Y

  21. Nice bases and great video ?

  22. everything looks good but the first one is awesome..Keep doing great videos like this!☺

  23. GameDiceHD – It's me Lucas in your clan! Nice video bro

  24. framing base: 1
    DE framing base: 2
    hybrid base: 3 or 5

    the main issue with all these bases is that the double gaint bombs aren't placed well and can be avoided but overall, these bases are good.

  25. Please can you do some th9 bases I've recently upgraded my th and I've always gone with your bases but you have no th9

  26. can you may th 8.5 base with queen

  27. what apps do u use to record ur videos

  28. what apps do u use to record ur videos

  29. nice nice:-)

  30. should I change the description of clan

  31. r u gonna make videos on our clan?

  32. It became very helpful.thank.

  33. number 1 best

  34. What is the best?

  35. hi

  36. please th9

  37. but first i need to be a max th8

  38. YES 14th COMMENT

  39. i like a all them

  40. bro don't have new base ah???

  41. 1 yop