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Clash of Clans – Top 5 Best Town hall 8 (Th8) War Base ANTi GoWipe/GoHo/Hog/Dragons

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  1. All of these are easy 3stars tbh

  2. like for you!thx for base :))

  3. all are overused and useless

  4. which one would you suggest is the best as they all seem good

  5. ur channel is so cool…up to date map designs…awesome and Please keep it up!! can I ask ya…how much thought goes into the maps or are they just based on patterns??

  6. Can you make a TH8.5War/Farming base with only traps queen except tesla

  7. these internet bases are so easy to 3 star. only having 2/3 double giant bomb spots is goho heaven. any th8/9/10 base is 3 starable.

  8. 456 finally wona war!! yaaayyyyy

    also nice vid

  9. Nice base! Please do a th9 war base too :)

  10. hey bro intro music awesome thanks bro

  11. awsome vid as always :D

  12. I'm going to try all of them for crystal 1 or 2

  13. nice base builds

  14. You should Change the title cause there is no such thing as "Anti Bases"

  15. Can you please a th9 war base and trophy base

  16. was hoping for new ones

  17. thanks bro

  18. which one is the best???

  19. these bases are awesome!Thanks :-)

  20. GameDice… Plz add th9 bases asap ?

  21. Wow almost at 300000 subcribers keep it up ???

  22. Great video like always:)

    Much support from me we miss this channel:))))