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Clash Of Clans | TOP 5 FARMING TROOPS 2016 AFTER TOWN HALL 11 UPDATE! | For TH7 8 9 10 & 11

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  1. I've been using bam in silver one and crushing it as a th 8

  2. The devastater a dark elixir archer that comes with level 7 barraks

  3. I want to join the clan but I'm a th 5 upgrading to 6 ????

  4. Barbs, Loons, Giants, Archers(chikas)

  5. #BAM

  6. B⃟a⃟s⃟e⃟ b⃟u⃟i⃟l⃟e⃟d⃟

  7. Giants and archers only! 6 million/day without a single gem.

  8. can you do a th 8 troll base for trophy pushing

  9. #basebuild

  10. i use 16 giants 8 wizards 2 healers 16 archers 1 babarian 10 minions and 4 walbreakers

  11. Barbarians I'm a th8 and I have level 5 barbarians I attacked a th9 almost maxed but was kind of spread out and I used 200 and had a pekka in my clan castle and my bar king level 4 and got the 3 star

  12. giant are truly amazing
    they cost not much
    they training time is very good 2 min

  13. man i have evrey troop every spell and great deffences i have not lost once with the bace but not enough troughys

  14. really like to join the clan crovster

  15. lol im using archers and barbs im TH8 (new) in silver 2 (i drop to S3 and rise to S1 max) and it works pretty good now i cant get as much loot as 300 000 of each but i dont have to worry about trophies and there are tons of TH9, TH8 and some TH10 that are jam packed with loot ahahah so i would recommend lowering your trophies cuz getting back to crystal is EZ (i got to 150 trophies won in a night cuz ppl were lowering theirs on me XD)

  16. My attack stragy is Barch

  17. Love your videos

  18. I still use gowipe

  19. get well soon tony!

  20. Mine are Barbarians and Archers

  21. TH 8 farming troops (my opinion)
    2 giant and archer
    12 wizard
    28 hogs
    loots: 150k elixir and gold, 1.2k-2k de
    League: Gold 2- Crystal 2

  22. I'm th8 and I use
    5.barbs and I use 2 spells and one rage

  23. #BAM

  24. 1000-1150
    Just find inactive players

  25. Nice

  26. Th8 loot saving base

  27. Th8 loot saving base

  28. Hi Tony, will you be able to do a TH10 Trophy base? Will appreciate it alot

  29. th 8

  30. #bam

  31. #top 5 farming