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Clash of Clans – Top 5 Fixes for CLASH OF CLANS!

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  2. 1:38 – They have to make gem money somewhere…. wtf

  3. what if they made a new troop that only targeted the eagle altillery but… only the ea or single infer can stp it ….

  4. I think only the Santa spell/troop is the only addition that has been removed thus far, and that was over 2 years ago

  5. It was funny when u streaked naked on ur stream

  6. Friendly wars?

  7. Stop adjusting, nerfing, and balancing the game around the WARDENS BUFF…..A godamned Hero which 90% of everyone who plays the game DOESN'T EVEN HAVE ! The witch nerf, the Skeleton nerf, AND the Skeleton Spell nerf were ALL directly caused by the Warden. Stop it SC…Stop being stupid.

  8. Shouldnt you being playing the game to comment on changes?

  9. The Eagle Artillery needs to have the range nerfed to 50-60% less than it is now

  10. yay 2nd dislike!!!!!

  11. remove the eagle seems crazy… people already saying three stars are too common at town hall 11, remove the eagle it'd be super easy. I have a suggestion that I think I would be awesome and rejuvenate the game alot, it would be worked around no doubt making it pointless in the end lol but… what about if base designs had a limited use time, after say a day it rotated your base between the three bases you have saved. I'm sick of seeing the exact same bases everywhere all the time, I want more variety… the same old style of ring base is lame… but if it was possible to shake it up and force people to change Id be all for it. People might bitch if they're pushing but the rules would be the same for everyone it wouldn't disadvantage you anymore than anyone else in the same position

  12. Your best video ever. Period

  13. Last time I was this early , NewYork still had 2 towers

  14. Spence…… small 3v3 or 5 vs 5 tournaments. also mass clan war were its one base and your able to desing it yourself. everyone can attack it. once a building in destroyed it stay that way. To win is to get 3 star fewest people attacking it. friendly challenge in global

  15. 10 fixes that Spencer should do to make his channel better, 1. Play some more Big Bang Racing.. Lol

  16. Castle Clash is better.

  17. Very true

  18. Tell me what townhall you need a base for and what type and ill try to make it!

  19. I'm not early but let me think of a Trump

    Got it?

  20. You should do more troll videos.

  21. Let's add group clan wars, with multiple clans going against multiple clans, like over 150 people clan wars would be awesome

  22. friendly wars or arranged wars should be a lvl 15 clan perk

  23. hey Spencer I'm thinking why not do videos about arranged wars.. lp clans do ton of arranged wars..