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Clash Of Clans – TOP 5 RAIDS!! BEST LEAGUE FOR FARMING!! (Goblin games)

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  1. Please make a videobin which you full your storages and collectors and clan castle with money and let urself be raided in th 11

  2. yo godson i have 1.5 million total in loot for y'all. And i need the link to send it! gimme a link bro,z

  3. Wtf at the start of the vid, the gobs did little damage on the resources, then mortar took them out and the resources were ledt with less than half their hitpoints

  4. wwjkas

  5. I can finally watch Godson again!

    I got hit by a bus so I was in hospital for a while and now Im back watching Godson ! :D

  6. If it was that easy…
    Anyone notices? Eversince the new updates.. finding a "good" base is so much difficult now..

  7. best frming for th8?

  8. I m dead?, La cream de la cream, j ai bien entendu?

  9. I found a player with 840k gold and 840k elisir but i didn't three stars. I took all the gold but only 540k elisir

  10. omg i got more loot then the top 1 on this video 1m gold allmost 700k elx and 6k de

  11. Hi i am a Potato ! :D

  12. how do i send my raid to u godson plz tell me

  13. 01:00 Oh look! Someone's recording using a potato.

  14. Godson I have started a new clash of clans channel so can u check it out give me some tip.

  15. i just wonder are you godson or god son

  16. best league for farming th9?

  17. Hey guys how do I record/send it to godson

  18. My goals for 2016:
    •15,000 Subs
    • 1.5Million Views
    •Upload everyday of 2016
    •What's your goals?

  19. leaf a like ?

  20. how do I submit my raid?