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CLASH OF CLANS- Top 5 Things They Should Add To The Game+New May 2016 Update Info!

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  1. what is the name of this music please let me know

  2. I have same thing to say about night mod do I make a video !!!!

  3. nice vid :]

  4. brooo join the same clan as me, LongLiveRella

  5. it'd be pretty cool if you could make a base and attack it like you were saying ? would help a lot

  6. Nice!! I agree with all!! Can u check out my channel as well??

  7. Ok

  8. Fuzion I added u and do u have instagram

  9. new youtuber can i get shout outs

  10. nice ?

  11. ICEY_PLAYER I played with u before and u said ull subscribe to me if I subscribed to u and u probably forgot who I am but I remember u and u told me about ur channel so add me cause u didnt

  12. Did u add me on ps3 so we can do that 1v1 trickshot battle

  13. I agree man! :)