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Clash of Clans | Top 5 Town Hall 8 New Farming Bases | NEW Th11 Update | TH8 TH 8

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  1. the #1 base I used for about 5 days and it got attacked 3 times and got 3 starred twice

  2. ive tried no2 it is so good

  3. But over all its good

  4. Nice…but for me The number 1 and 2 base will be a sucessful base…But for the Others…I don't think so

  5. Rip Yam$

  6. hey coc base wizard when u will do face reaveal

  7. nice video 🙂 i'm use the base number 3 it's work <3

  8. using it and I love it thanks. Just one thing i did to make it harder to penetrate is to level up the walls to 8 as quickly as possible and this base is tight. Thanks again.

  9. number 2 has no air sweeper position

  10. I like the 2

  11. #2 sucks i used it before and all my loot kept getting stolen

  12. lol there called hybrid bases

  13. Can you do th7 new farming base?

  14. Thanks

  15. Well done i really enjoyed the video. Your voice sounds amazing

  16. Did everyone forget about hybrid bases or what?

  17. Sexy base

  18. Th9 plz

  19. ?

  20. very easy base(