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Clash Of Clans – TOP 5 w/ MASSIVE LOOT (IT’s BEEN STOLEN!!!)

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  1. u can see my loot video in my channel and pls like it and comment and subscribe

  2. i got 600k gold and 600k elixr how will i share it

  3. +Godson can you make a second channel about gameplay?

  4. هل يوجد عرب؛)

  5. How does clash of clans have 3 million daily users when there's only 700,000 people in the world?

  6. Who else remember the old intro :3

  7. my highest was 1.6m …. and 3k d.e.

  8. my highest was both elixir and gold 650k so together 1.3 mil

  9. I feel like when Godson gets bored he goes and finds/makes new intros

  10. you cool

  11. How do you submit videos?

  12. i'm so jealous

  13. +Godson: Really! Epic Intro Man

  14. my loot

  15. Loved that sneaky Batman/Gotham reference!!!

  16. man the number one is awesome

  17. Comment What Was Your Highest Raid !
    My Was 1,280,000 million !

  18. I was in deathfromabove

  19. damn i could have been at number 5 i got 600k of each the other day

  20. Nothing compared to the 9,001 loot I get everyday.