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Clash of Clans – TOP 5 WORST BASE DESIGN STRATEGIES! Top 5 Worst Base Design Mistakes!

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  1. back in like th5 a made a corner base with all sides protected with walls. i positioned the mortars so that if u spawned troops at the edge they would get rekt from splash damage. it worked really well against ground attacks

  2. Man your so much more pro than me



  5. Omg, ive done all these fail and learned the hard way lol

  6. Hay day fu*king sucks

  7. would've been videoS….

  8. "another top 5 worst video". kinda confusing but I get it

  9. savage

  10. Calling people retarded when he's geeking out over a game lmfao

  11. On 2 I do that and I win fine

  12. lol dude can you check my base out? Its not that good.

  13. I seen the layer wall thingy

  14. lol dude when I started playing clash of clans I placed my base in the middle and that what I have been doing for so long. I never thought of once placing my town hall to one side of the map.

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  16. He talks on clash with style you deserve to earn a small loan of a million dollars

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  20. dude, no dont need a wall between mexico and usa, they can just get trump to stand on the border

  21. i made a corner base 1 time and changed it pretty fast as i could see it didnt work

    i learn from my mistakes mostly

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  23. hi how what software did u use to create your intro pls and thank you

  24. How about pretending that obstacles can function like walls?

  25. I did three when I first started.

  26. I did three when I first started.

  27. This was great thanks

  28. I made the Donald Trump base so everyone would be mad when the hogs hit either a giant bomb or a bomb that will kill them and did it before I knew who Donald Trump was

  29. new years hipe