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Clash of Clans: TOP 8 WAR ATTACKS FROM WHF vs. WHF2 – PB’s Side

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  1. Great top PB!!!! Good stuff!! Hey do you think Llukas is your best air attacking player? I'd like to learn more of his air game! KEEP IT UP PB!!!!

  2. Awesome videos mate!! Do you have any th9 attack strategies for when the queen is upgrading?

  3. Giant boner? Hehehe

  4. check the bowler glitch @11:58 on the top side where the walk animation is going while they don't actually move

  5. Strats will work but only on the same level bases. Like Haz and his weaker heroes using Gobolo will still win on that Th8.5 base. I think majority of the people use weak stuff on maxed defense Th9s so they will struggle.

  6. fuck

  7. Hye POWERBANG , does WHF RISING still take th9 ???

  8. and you are fp? pff do not say bullshit

  9. me want to be a 3* attacker….what to Do….?

  10. :)

  11. New haircut?

  12. hey ,can you show us th8 vs th9 attack using gohavo in 2016 please i appreciate your work man

  13. lmao the first attack was a giant bowner

  14. WHF2!

  15. why is general tony the only main utuber with the balls to complain about supercells lack of information on the update that we have heard about for so long. once again supercells lack of communication has become a joke.

  16. Hey Powerbang I'm a great fan of your videos, I've had some issues recently with golavaloon where my hounds don't pop after all the defenses are down costing me extra time for cleanup usually ending up in 98%-99%, if you discuss a feature in one of your videos where hounds pop after all defenses are destroyed and see what people think about it then it'd be great.

  17. heheh

  18. Awesome content as per PB :)