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Clash of Clans | TOP CLAN 3 STARS EPIC WARS | Plus NEW TH 11 Farming and War Base

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  1. I have around 600 screenshotted bases of around every town hall… If you'd like any please kik me at-Therealsavagezz

  2. Hey Cam, Brutus is a modding clan and you don't have to be a genius to see that the first attack you showed is obviously modded.

  3. Hey cam, how long did it take you to get in the clan

  4. brutus are a great clan but they are know for modding and cheating so thats why they are able to pull of such crazy good attacks

  5. Wait, at 6:35 cam has the eagle artillery in his war base. But on his base it shows he is still building the eagle artillery. I'm confused. If you're building something when war starts does the building show up? Or what? Can someone please explain lol

  6. dude your gameplay is great. how do you record the gameplay? i find many apps but they record the audio from the mic and it sucks

  7. hi cam

  8. Cam, you should put your Eagle Artillery in the middle, so if the attacker tries to snipe outside buildings to get 50%, they can't.

  9. hey Cam can u let me join your clan

  10. Yo cam I subscribed me so pls subscribe me

  11. cam i found a glich

  12. Awesome cam u r da best

  13. cool

  14. Cough Cough modders Cough cough

  15. pls. name of the music at the end of the video????

  16. cam you forgot the CQOTD

  17. Forgot to do CQOTD lol sorry I was super rushed today.

  18. Its an x bow packed with 100 skeletons lol

  19. keep up the good vids