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Clash of Clans – TOP CLANS WAR! And EPIC face-off in CoC!

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  1. Best chapter ever ! Greetings from Madrid !´╗┐

  2. Queen walk definitely is too op as it can almost guarantee a 3 star attack even on th10 and 11 with good troops deployment´╗┐

  3. Galadon your channel is dying!´╗┐

  4. 6:32 "love that funeling from the wizards" wow everyone is clearing buildings so that the troops go in the base…´╗┐

  5. Galadon please visit my clan minion mafia for 10 minutes of your time and check our war log. Gatheron´╗┐

  6. wot happen to glider ;-;´╗┐

  7. nothing interesting about mass witches. only attack worth watching was the first´╗┐

  8. suggestion for SC for next upgrade. builder boost´╗┐

  9. Let us Just take a moment and give it up for Galadon!??This Man Is just Great ­čÖé I don't know how he does it , I don't know How is it possible to have a idea every single day for a New Video! Wow ! Blows My mind Galadon You Have Grown A lot ­čÖé ! You're Almost there Galadon ! 1 Million Subscribers!´╗┐

  10. spencer23$ already showed #2s replay in his video´╗┐


  12. 2nd attack really sad, just spam and pray, not even using wallbreakers to open walls. Most undeserved 3 star for a long time´╗┐

  13. #questtoonemillion´╗┐

  14. Galadon u brag like ur clan is the best…. U definitely would have lost if indo eternity used there attacks´╗┐

  15. nice attacks´╗┐

  16. "Perfectly placed rage spell" "everything about this attack was made with complete precision" IT WAS MOD LMAO THATS THE ONLY WAY THIS SHIT IS THAT PRECISE MOD MOD MOD ON GALADONS CHANNEL´╗┐

  17. Barbarian party is way better than lost Phoenix´╗┐

  18. almost 1 million subs´╗┐

  19. great video gally.´╗┐

  20. i had watch this video beforr on spencer video..´╗┐

  21. can u help people join my clan´╗┐

  22. u want a top clan war? watch my video about how my brother's clan won by 0.4%!´╗┐

  23. ?

  24. spencer23$ also did a video on this same war. but i think your video was much better with alot more information and detail. loved the video as always. great work Galadon. keep those videos comin.?´╗┐

  25. Awesome clutch´╗┐

  26. 174´╗┐

  27. hey! only 4000 off 1 million subs so congrats for tomorrow when u will probably be at 1000000 subscribers´╗┐

  28. awesome war´╗┐