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Clash Of Clans – TOP NEW Town Hall 11 ANTI 3 War Base – Anti Bowler – Anti Miner – 2016 + REPLAYS

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  1. Great Video <3

  2. Any chance you could make a speed build on this. I'm a th11 pushing and always getting 3D by bowlers and miners and this may help. Also I'm really bad at copying bases based on pictures

  3. I didnt say its easy and by the way im a big fan of your channel, i would love to come to your clan to participate in one war, my clan name is Clash Lovers my village name is ¥ ABO AL-FADEL¥ cant leave now , but will be glad to come soon

  4. It is a nice base hard to get. 3 star but not with miner + queen walk with4 healers, 7 miners in clan castle 2 rage 3 healing spells

  5. Do you know pound town

  6. Nice!

  7. Can you please make another 8.75 war base?

  8. they say if you are this early houseurrest will reply!