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  1. sick attack man. nice vid´╗┐

  2. Hey Beaker, ita really good se your video and nice attack, but i just like to know wich pro you recorde you videos?´╗┐

  3. Hey Beak! I have a question. I'm a TH9 and I'm almost done with L9 walls. Should I do L10 all the way or just do maybe half L10? Please respond. Great video as always!´╗┐

  4. Enjoyed it´╗┐

  5. Hey, having lvl 25 king and queen sure helps.´╗┐

  6. SEARCHING . . . SEEK & DESTROY !!???´╗┐


  8. Damn beaker, back at it again with the white shirt.!´╗┐

  9. Awesome video beak!???? do more war vids. Th 9 specially??´╗┐

  10. Hi´╗┐

  11. nice hat beak!!´╗┐

  12. Epic video!´╗┐

  13. why did you say your name in all your videos? hey my name is beaker…. ?´╗┐

  14. I've done a sick attack just like the first one. I used lvl 12 Queen walk to eliminate 2 ad's and used cc Golem and lvl 14 king to eliminate 1 other ad and ZapQuaked the other. i then stormed the base with 6 drags. Only 1 died´╗┐

  15. Beaker I look forward to your vids??Keep uploading ??´╗┐

  16. You deserve a million (or more) subs! Keep it up Beaker!´╗┐

  17. great video beak u a beast! keep up the good work!´╗┐

  18. Where are u, like what country/state?´╗┐

  19. good video but we need some different videos not as usual´╗┐

  20. please troll attack with mass lava hound beakk.. i wait it´╗┐

  21. Where are you on vacation´╗┐

  22. 180K subs great job beak your videos are AMAZING I watch them every morning getting ready for school´╗┐

  23. why are you not streaming in kamcord beak??´╗┐

  24. Beaksqueek, new update …attacks back to 3 min and healers got nerf'd any thoughts buddy? No queen walks, also witch and much more changes..i wanted to giheho as a new th9 personally ­čśĽ BTW enjoy your vids a bunch!´╗┐

  25. fuck you breaker´╗┐

  26. Make a vlog channel´╗┐

  27. That awesome dude´╗┐

  28. It's really guy like always n nice vid man I have been watching u for a while now n I think I'm getting addictated´╗┐

  29. You are cool man wish can attack like you I always watch your videos why I can't join your clan to learn how to attack´╗┐

  30. Nice one beak keep it up´╗┐

  31. make some th8 vids´╗┐

  32. whenever u dont upload a video i feel that my day was incomplete´╗┐

  33. HEY BEAKS!´╗┐