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  1. sick attack man. nice vid

  2. Hey Beaker, ita really good se your video and nice attack, but i just like to know wich pro you recorde you videos?

  3. Hey Beak! I have a question. I'm a TH9 and I'm almost done with L9 walls. Should I do L10 all the way or just do maybe half L10? Please respond. Great video as always!

  4. Enjoyed it

  5. Hey, having lvl 25 king and queen sure helps.

  6. SEARCHING . . . SEEK & DESTROY !!???


  8. Damn beaker, back at it again with the white shirt.!

  9. Awesome video beak!???? do more war vids. Th 9 specially??

  10. Hi

  11. nice hat beak!!

  12. Epic video!

  13. why did you say your name in all your videos? hey my name is beaker…. ?

  14. I've done a sick attack just like the first one. I used lvl 12 Queen walk to eliminate 2 ad's and used cc Golem and lvl 14 king to eliminate 1 other ad and ZapQuaked the other. i then stormed the base with 6 drags. Only 1 died

  15. Beaker I look forward to your vids??Keep uploading ??

  16. You deserve a million (or more) subs! Keep it up Beaker!

  17. great video beak u a beast! keep up the good work!

  18. Where are u, like what country/state?

  19. good video but we need some different videos not as usual

  20. please troll attack with mass lava hound beakk.. i wait it

  21. Where are you on vacation

  22. 180K subs great job beak your videos are AMAZING I watch them every morning getting ready for school

  23. why are you not streaming in kamcord beak??

  24. Beaksqueek, new update …attacks back to 3 min and healers got nerf'd any thoughts buddy? No queen walks, also witch and much more changes..i wanted to giheho as a new th9 personally 😕 BTW enjoy your vids a bunch!

  25. fuck you breaker

  26. Make a vlog channel

  27. That awesome dude

  28. It's really guy like always n nice vid man I have been watching u for a while now n I think I'm getting addictated

  29. You are cool man wish can attack like you I always watch your videos why I can't join your clan to learn how to attack

  30. Nice one beak keep it up

  31. make some th8 vids

  32. whenever u dont upload a video i feel that my day was incomplete

  33. HEY BEAKS!