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  1. This isn't a normal way to farm Dark Elixir since all of the replays had heroes level 20+. Until you reach level 20+ heroes, how are you supposed to farm?
    I am using Gowipe, getting around 2-3k dark elixir + bonus that covers my golems, per attack.

  2. Moron, just use lightning spells to zap the dark elixir storage.

  3. I am th9 currently and my queen is going to level 16 and I wanted to ask if someone knows a strategy for farming de with the king?

  4. I do find it intresting these attackers often have 2 heroes. In my case I only have , the other heroe is gone for a week, because I make sure to get every week one level up on them

  5. I have a th9 teammate she only needs to finish her barbarian king every week she maxes her dark elixir storage by using : barbarians archers giant and healers the healers are for the queen

  6. Hi Ash! I liked to much your video, you gave me great advices to get the dark elixir. I'm Th9 and this videos are fantastic. Well done and like!

  7. I've been using queen walk and it's the most successful DE gainer ever, the problem is when you start upgrading the queen it gets kinda slow coz with the queen you don't have to train full armies but without her it's a bit harder

  8. I'm not an expert but I have a rushed TH10. I use Dragoons lvl 2 to farm DE.
    I use 4 lightening spell lvl 6 + 1 rage + 1 EQ lvl 1 + 1EQ lvl 1 (from CC) .
    2 Lightening 6 + 1 EQ lvl 1 is enough to take down AD8.
    With theses spells I destroy 2 AD and attack from this part of the village without AD.
    I get 2 stars, 70% (using AQ). Funnelling well, will get you to the DE storage + TH : more than 3K DE each attack
    It costs a lot on Elixir but if you have no use of it and if attacking on shield (casual gaming) you can earn between 15k to 20k DE a day.

    As said first, i'm not an expert and this is not optimized for everyone. Let me know how to improve this.

    Thanks for the vid @ash

  9. Looks like super cell has brought back a few dead bases

  10. Best way to get dark is using nadis gobs with zapping de option on

  11. "All archers and heroes" lol in case you want to build your army really quickly and wait 2 hours for heroes

  12. Good video since I just hit th 9 recently

  13. Every recommendation of ash is a guy with max heroes and max troops… what about the people that just upgraded.

  14. Thanks a lot @Ash it helped me quiet a bit. Keep the good videos rolling.

  15. Hey ash! Can you make a super queen video for level 20 and below archer queens?

  16. Ash, the loot situation for me has solved. I upgraded like 40 walls to lvl 8 in a week or so. 3 400k loot raids and one 600 raid. Just barching at 1400-1600 range with th9. Upgraded the archer queen from lvl 2 to lvl 5 now. Im Foky, the guy that told you a theory about why the loot got gone. And, now nobody attacks me (got 7 mill elixir). Something strange happend on matchmaking

  17. If you want to see some replays guys on a great army composition look up my clan Pumpin Iron 234 my name is F0okau. We are in war so let me know you saw this here and we will accept you.

  18. Ash my attacks can help a lot of clashers

  19. Show me earlier farming!!!!!. Don't share that kind of common atk for gold n DE. Share elixir farming please….

  20. I'm a townhall 8, and I really want level 4 hogs cause I use GoHo. I know you said that you will do town hall 7&8's later, but I was just wondering if you could tell me or give me an advice for getting dark exilar? btw, if you are wondering hat troops I have, or what level, almost all of my exilar troops are maxed. Goblins and dragons are not maxed, and parkland are in the lab, then it's dark exilar .-. Help please?

  21. I'm town hall 9 with lvl 8 walls is that rushed

  22. Love the vids ash, great help, ty. If you could forward a message to supercell, it would be great. We are a mainly farming clan but like to war once a week. We are lvl4, 6 weeks ago and have only 27 wins in 18 months but are getting better with your and powerbang vids. The problem is the matches we draw, last 7 were 3 lvl6 , 3 lvl7 and an 8. We like to be competitive but that's ridiculous. Its no fun for either side to have that bad of a match. We have, as well as supercell, lost several members due to frustration. Are they working on a better war match system?