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Clash of Clans | Town Hall 11 – Grand Warden – Eagle Artillery – First Attacks on TH11 from Quantum!

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  1. Why people use haste on ground troops?

  2. Cool attacks Ed :). Why did you guys create a new Quantum?

  3. Hi, could you possibly tell me name of the song in your intro? Love it :)

  4. 8:45 That attack is a fucking mess cmooon!!!

  5. i have also failed at 37% today at TH 11 dont know how to use dragon at th 11

  6. So Ed, I'm a th10 with max splash, but everything else is max th9. Lvl2 infernos also, would it be better to rush to 11? Or try and Max 10, then go to 11

  7. great video and helpful at the start of new upgrade!!! fuck the haters!!!!

  8. best

  9. and u r the beast

  10. do u think I could be apart of quantum?

  11. Nice video . Hope you reach legends as soon as possible ;)

  12. good vid Ed

  13. the people who say facken pat is bitter am gone say this bullshit he's noob and he cant live attack and cant attack like ed he's specialist w air and ground attacks

  14. wow your channel grew alot since august lol

  15. Congrats Ed on Legends league!The game finally got some badass legend :D

  16. good video bro as always can't wait to see the war raids long live clash with ed fuck the haters

  17. witches are op I'm close to Max th10 at 4500 and I'm getting 3 starred by people that are spamming their loons

  18. Wow this game is so broken galadon can get top 20. Let's hope mega don't stop freezing town halls or we know it's really over?

  19. LOL sid is a bad attacker he lost to me and didnt get me a shield think it was 37% pre update with mass drags

  20. Like your vids but you really aren't a good Attacker.. You are The leader of one of The best war Clans with a lot of 3* attackers but it's not you who gets those 3*s. You allways talk about noobs failing and say that Gally is a noob spam Attacker but you are the one who also uses mass noob dragons and you also got lvl40 no skill heros so does that mean you also are a noob? Just like Galadon?