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Clash of Clans | Town Hall 11 – LEGEND Dragon ATTACKS – The 2 Strategy + Commentary

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  1. ? love it when you mock galacock and chief cock

  2. Chief pat is better then you

  3. Good job Ed????

  4. ??

  5. Drag Is really Cool ! Nice vid Bro ! 😀

  6. Hey Ed why is TobiKaiser not in The Qw Description?

  7. can i use 4 lighting + 2 quake for 2s

  8. galandap :D

  9. Ed i got a reply for you in our war.. a 4 jumpster from our enemy clan

  10. Looool alejandro magno is mu friend

  11. Hi QW fam I'm a member is Lavafarm

  12. VN ed!!! lets get some more!!!

  13. how long are you in the clouds waiting for a base Ed?
    seems like hours for me and I'm in Titan1

  14. ed bro during clouding do u guys mostly just keep clicking green button or change language to refresh server every 1hour or so? I'm currently at 5080 trophy but like yesterday cant find any base for over 10 hours 🙁 .

  15. Your Intro Is so Professional I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IIIIIIIIIT

  16. Hey mate, we have seen great stuff from you. What do you think of live streaming? if you have time you could do that once in a while. Keep up the good work.

  17. rallienglati is back

  18. Again awsome video bro??

  19. Nice vid Ed. I just watched a vid by chief pat with his wish list vid. However I stopped listening after he started comparing clash royale to clash. #promoting #sellout #supercellstaff

  20. You're not sure of so many things, but I sure that you are a weak youtuber. Quantum is getting to be a weak clan, because there are players like U. Stop saying "fuck,ass" and words like that

  21. Ohhh we got some sad old men clash beef ?

  22. Awesome video

  23. I love ur dragon attacks

  24. whats happening to qw this days? y r u guys out of top 10 clan?

  25. Pls show us some more GoBarch in Titan/Legend, those attacks are amazing ?

  26. nice vid

  27. first

  28. i like the attacks of clash of clans!!!