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Clash of Clans | Town Hall 11 Legend – EVOLUTION of GoWiPe – Second Round

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  1. special thanks for you ED am watching ur vedios and i learn alot ??☺ my trophies now r 5019?

  2. yh right earthquake open walls max if theres 6 tiles in between them, on the raid there was 7 so didnt work. Nice attacks and you mentioning some should have failed totally agrees with how op golem attacks are atm, really easy. Hope it gets more challenging like it is for lavaloon atm. Nice vid keep it up :)

  3. Good job Ed, keep it up. Im still waiting for hunting with loon videos :D

  4. ok I'm understand you jejejej thanks you very much

  5. what do u use to record game play …well done

  6. hi I have a cuestion I think if you use queen walk and then finish with a gowipe or something like that you have more I wrong? Thank you and I enjoy a lot see you attacks escusse me I don't speak English very well xdxd

  7. Ed, Shooter_AD is from my clan lol

  8. ed *

  9. en I wanna join your clan!! I'm a th8. am I allowed?

  10. nice gowipe attack

  11. nice attack

  12. jatkuuko karkkipussi?

  13. Lol Ed over there flexing on th11s without his queen lol nice vid man

  14. salve BR ?✌

  15. Glad you dont use witches would be lower than chief pat if you did…

  16. Brasil

  17. br aqui