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Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 Strategy ♦ Know Your Grand Warden! ♦ CoC ♦

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  1. Need th sniping back!

  2. i can't find any loot after this update, i spend a lot of gold only for the next button

  3. yow ppl nice

  4. Didn't log in for 2 days and didn't get attacked once. Had 165k in each collector and in gold 2. This update has made something very wrong

  5. you ' re like my coc tearcher

  6. Loot is dead -.-

  7. the world wants to know

  8. Nice to finally have another video,lol. When is your next livestream ?

  9. 01:11 stoping?

  10. galadon Pls make a video of how you make your youtube videos

  11. for all farmers… go to silver league

  12. did you see the first lv 10 clan? it's called brutus and is from Romania. Can you make a video about it ? They want from SuperCell to add the Romanian flag and if you help them they will add it

  13. Hey I cant find any inactive bases .. iVE switched from GiBARCH to Gowipe (TH8)


  15. super, i wait all time for your videos

  16. wheres the 1 gem boost?

  17. In that 2nd replay king was down before he used Grand Warden ability.

  18. Nope it just hadn't updated yet

  19. Wow, I always thought that Kim Kardashian is in the Kardashian Clan…you never stop learning

  20. 888th view ?