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Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 THREE STAR ATTACKS! ♦ CoC ♦

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  1. Galadon.. WAKE UP.. No one cares about these attacks and videos BECAUSE MOST OF US are TH10, or TH9 or LOWER and given the changes, thinking about leaving the GAME!!! Its a shame.. my whole clan (TEAM PUNISHMENT) is talking about HOW BAD THE GAME HAS GOTTEN. I am sure for you TH11 ppl, its totally fun.. HOwever, for us there NO FARMING, NO DEAD BASES, NOT ENOUGH LOOT to REBUILD AN ARMY.. TOO MUCH TIME .. I am ALMOST DONE WITH THIS GAME.. hoping for a correction!

  2. I'm town hall 8 and I have 1597 trophies and I want to join full attack but it's closed why is that?

  3. I just don't get that why galadon doesn't have 2 million subs his like the best coc YouTube ever this is frustrating come on people!

  4. Level 4 Inferno Tower should reduce the abundance of three starred Town Hall 11 bases…….What do you think Galadon?

  5. R.I.P clash of clans you will be missed

  6. Galadon view my latest video.. i made an outro for u could u use it at the end of your videos and maybe give me a shoutout?

  7. Gally, HELP PLEASE. they have really messed up coc, killing the golden goose. bring back farming or the game will die. they may be raking $$$ at the moment but it will die anyway, they have wrecked the game we loved

  8. please show post nerf raids? do you know what all troops got nerfed with the witches? alot of people on kamcord are having trouble winning raids with any army right now… any ideas??

  9. I say make more compartmetal bases with splash damage on the inside

  10. Still not even a single lvl7 minion video :/

  11. I was one of the few farmers who thought "hey maybe farming isn't dead? It seems more fun battling other players for loot now, winning more on offense than defense." But basically everywhere I go is dry. Everyone is being attack and now have shields attacking everyone who doesn't have a shield. Before, you out your town hall outside, you didn't get attacked for loot, and you farmed up what you needed. Now I spend so much time finding mediocre loot and then getting destroyed on defense for loot. And it's hard to find loot while I'm shielded or guarded because everyone else with good loot is on a shield trying as hard as I am. It's so hard to farm.

  12. we need the eagle artillery that they showed us at clash con and/or the addition of a 3rd inferno tower.

  13. 1 gem boost?

  14. Stupid eagle low damage ?????????????????????????????

  15. I didnt care about that anymore..latest update is happen!!!!!

  16. I guess there'll be an inferno tower upgrade

  17. Galadon I honestly don't understand this update anymore… It took almost nine months since they began to make this update and offense is broken at townhall 11 and 8. Farming is broken at townhall 9+ especially those big upgrades. Eagle Artillery does nothing at all and witches are super op once again. Honestly what were they doing in those months of testing and balancing. They have a program that simulates hundreds of attacks using certain troops and they can see the outcome of each raid and somehow they didn't see any of these problems… hope things improve like if you agree :/

  18. Is it possible to 3 star a super maxed out th11?

  19. I think the witch has been nerfed enough they should just buff the eagle artillery

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