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Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 War Base Defense Layout | CoC TH11 Trophy / War / Hybrid Base Design

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  1. Easy base to beat

  2. Captain can u make the best farming base for Th7 plz

  3. wow this is legit, subscribe !

  4. Ur base builds are awesome bro!! I will try this with my main account.

  5. Nice war base I might use this someday if my town hall is already th11 but for now I'm stuck with a lousy th 8, if you are asking why I said that the town hall 8 is lousy and I only have one answer, My townhall upgrade just finished a while ago

  6. I mean when did u get town hall 11

  7. When did I get town hall 11

  8. Nice base bro.

  9. Can you show us how you're doing as a th11?

  10. wink wink

  11. Too big for me 0_O

  12. Too big for me 0_O

  13. nice base design I am th7 but if I play till th11 I'll use this base 10/10 ??

  14. I'm a new subscriber to the channel, but I really like your stuff! Keep them coming dude! =D You deserve more subs

  15. I suck at making bases so props to u for making such a difficult the lvl base

  16. first