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Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 – War MISMATCH! Clan War Chaos!

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  1. He did good in using ability in end lots of skeletons would of died (ironman)

  2. Glider from Lost Phoenix must be really happy about level 3 witches

  3. Clash is gonna die in a few months if they don't fix their shit loot system.

  4. Guys if y'all are th9 or 8 u should check out silver 1! I've been farming there with giants arch gob for the past 3 days and I've found nothing less then 350k + of each and 1k de , I've managed to upgrade 2 archer towers to lvl 11 so far with that farming ( they cost 4.5mil FYI) so if you guys wanna check it out it's pretty filled rn!!! ?

  5. they are definetely gonaa change the way witch is coz its over powered , they will minimize summoned skeleton from 10 to 8 or 7 ,

    sorry for my bad english

  6. I know a joke: the balancing in clash

  7. my clan got a mismatch & its against Hebrew legends….

  8. hey guys i honestly thought i could handle this update but they push/ tough to do im gonna quit if u want the base kik Aye_Yo_KolKidd

  9. Im a near max th8 who cant find any loot :(

  10. Bleh, th11 is not interesting at all. Please do more lower Townhall content.

  11. I can't attack at all :(( The game keeps crashing. Ppl are taking my loot and stoping at 28% and not giving me a shield :/

  12. I created a new clan and I had our first cw and we were all th8s there and we go matched agains a th10 a th9 and th8 so we lost but we have it a try!

  13. So war,we are 1 th11 and 2/3 th10s and we are getting matches up with 2-3 th11s and sometimes 6th10s,I thought this update was god but it's a garbage and would like supercell to fix it and give us back our freedoms.coc getting dead because my clans are so inactive because of this shield and complications so ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  14. It's annoying with the dead bases gone you either need to push higher for better loot bonus and get 50% with an army or you have to make a full army instead of barching

  15. When Galadon can 3 star a max th10, you know somethins broken ;)

  16. Galadon, you say you don't work for SC but if you wanted to you could say something. They need to listen to their fans before this game ends. You will be affected by this too. You're channel will take a big hit and you'll be sad that you didn't do anything. SC is an embarrassment with their customer service and even if they fix the update, I don't know if I want to come back to clash.

  17. Any th 9s or 10s looking to quit ill gladly play on your acc kik me at .Gaba not buying your acc btw

  18. Can you try all witch attack?

  19. I sence a Level 9 Mortar

  20. My witches never like me :(( You're lucky T_T