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Clash of Clans Town Hall 5 Defense (CoC TH5) BEST Hybrid Base Layout Defense Strategy

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  1. The best base

  2. thanks for this defence strategy. You are one of the best base builders

  3. Hey man, thank you for your videos! They've been very helpful through TH4 🙂

    I have three questions for you:
    1) Why would someone choose between a farming base layout and a hybrid one? What are the differences?
    2) Between your two hybrid bases, which one do you prefer? Same question goes for the farming bases. I tend to look more at the aesthetic, because I still can't tell what works better with defending your resources.
    3) What's the name of the soundtrack to this video? Makes me go crazy! x)

  4. that's like the base I have on coc


  6. join my clan i am a prodigy guys

  7. You are the best base builder it is so good!! Liked and subscribed?

  8. Good base. I gain alot of trophys now

  9. I like the wow, beginning

  10. Where the hell is the last wall?

  11. how many wall did you use

  12. cool

  13. dude whers the other cannons

  14. When ever I try to join ur clan GameDiceHD678 someone in there declines my invite? I luv ur vids maan r they drclining me because i dont have a king?

  15. g gthty

  16. 1,000!

  17. 999

  18. Whats the max level you can have stuff on at th5?

  19. Nice video!

  20. thank you soo much this base is amazing i love it