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Clash of Clans – Town Hall 7 New War Layout (TH7 Anti Dragon) 2016

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  1. Thnx??

  2. I want 7 air defense(s) at th7 …….fucking DRAGONS!!!!

  3. good job but i think the air defenses are not covered good.. 1 archer tower covering 1 air defense.. 4 hogs can destroy 1 archer tower and get into the air defenses maybe destroy 2 .. maybe 1 and he will lighting 1 air defenses so 1 remain or nothing maybe if the hogs are strong :D

  4. hey good one that would be perfect th9

  5. can I have a link of lava hound attack….. :/

  6. Base layout looks great????

  7. Good :D

  8. Jack help me i tryed lot of bases anti 3,yours too but valkyries smash me whatever base i put in friendly battle every th 8 with valcks and earthquakes threestar me.can you make ananti 3 war baseanti valks or give me some tips

  9. NO worries about the new year Two weeks

  10. can you do a th7 anti giant wiz ?

  11. Seus layots são muito bons

  12. HM..

  13. no offense but this isn't a good base. a good base is where ballon's pathing is going around from air defenses. same for dragons. I like your channel BTW. thumbs up

  14. th8 base pls

  15. nice base

  16. pls, Th 8.5(with queen,wall and def) farm and clanwar base)

  17. Question….. Isn't symmetrical bases bad??

  18. nice base bro?

  19. you can take out one air defense with hog riders

  20. is legend


  22. Hey could you please try some th 5 and 6 bases please.

    Love your channel and watching it grow

  23. th8 war?

  24. Nice bro

  25. first