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Clash of Clans – TOWN HALL 7 [TH7] TROPHY BASE DESIGN!! | TH7 Defense| Subscriber Base [4] – 2016

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  1. hey king nice base as always sorry I'm late was busy clashing pro denied my request to join the clan but no worries can you make a th7 war base anti hog,giants,and dragon base

  2. bro plzz give me your clan tag on you tube

  3. dude in this base anyone take us dark loot

  4. plzz give me #tag plzzzzz

  5. hi king can i join u r clan

  6. Ayy, epic build fellow subscriber! Great video KinG sorry im late, was really busy lol Anyways keep up the awesome videos and keep grinding to 6k :D

  7. I got kicked from the clan?? , No worries I will still support your channel…?? Cool Base

  8. nice base king thanks for base

  9. You have a video design 7 for farming village council please

  10. how do you edit your videos?

  11. 9. 3/4 /10. LOL

  12. 100th view and 10th like ;)

  13. Great video as always

  14. Could you do a th7 attack strategy that doesn't cost that much dark elixir. Btw great layout!!!

  15. awesome for trophy pushing!!!

  16. Can you make a Th 8 base? Btw great base

  17. nice