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Clash of Clans – Town hall 7 (Th7) War Base + 3 Air Defense REPLAY – ANTi Dragon Strategy

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  1. wer cool wenn du mal witter ein Video mit Rathaus 9 machst das wer voll cool fon dir 🙂 bist der beste XD

  2. حلووو ?

  3. Who else thinks they are playing coc and drags they're fingers around on the video. xD

  4. Don´t build this base layout. I saw some guys in the forum with the same layout, they got banned cause the nazi logo !

  5. Heil TH7 Nazi Version XDDDDDDD

  6. U already made dis?

  7. It looks like a nazi logo!

  8. I had enough gold to upgrade to TH7… until I realized I have 10 more walls at level 5, so no I have like 400,000 gold. :P

  9. I had enough gold to upgrade to TH7… until I realized I have 10 more walls at level 5, so no I have like 400,000 gold. :P

  10. thank you

  11. Alright the first replay is a bad attack. Second attack uses level 1 dragons. The fifth attack seems about right. i think the advantage to this defense is that all attacks go through the elixir collector. The dragons get hung up there and can't break through. I think one of the most difficult bases to crack are the ones that have air defense on three different planes. Furthermore, I find that storage in front of air defense makes it nearly impossible to beat. Your bases has a wedge design that makes dragons go to the outside even when the take out the air defense. I'll try this design in the next war to see how many defenses win.

  12. I was worried when I saw the swastika, but then it change into a great base.

  13. thankssd sooo much u is the best in coc really
    iwant to record videos i want a screen recorder for kitkat android

  14. can u build a 6.5 th base pls 🙂 i Love Ur Bases

  15. thanks

  16. that looks like a swastika just saying

  17. thsx..bro..!!! always I am using your base only

  18. its not anti three star.

  19. Awesome ?

  20. Re-uploaded -.- ps. THIS BASE SUCKS

  21. Haven't got on COC for a long time. Heh, time to upgrade with his base.

  22. Amazing Base You Are The Best ;)

  23. cade os br??

  24. baum

  25. This base isnt rly that hard to beat. Ive beaten it many times in war (im th7). U use 3 lightning on the top one, max hogs in cc and put them on the bottom left cannon so after it they go to the air defense and take it out. Then you funnel ur drags in and ez 3 star.

  26. Gamedice, im currently th6 but soon i'll be th7. And i am gonna use this base thx for helping me!??