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Clash of Clans – Town hall 7 (Th7) War Base – ANTI EVERYTHING | ANTI DRAGON | ANTI HOG

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  1. YesilOda <3 Gread Video Bro Good Day.

  2. çocuk yapıyor be ??

  3. gr8 looking base..i hv just put it….lets c hw it fares…..if i get replays …hw to share it with u?

  4. th7

  5. can u make trohpt bse

  6. this base is really good 4 people attacked me and they got 1 star only a d 2 of them got no star. BTW where do i send the replays?

  7. looks like a good base, ill try it out!

  8. Where is the Laboratory and Dark Barracks?

  9. hello, you do not post a village level center layout 10

  10. I've got an replay 1 star if you want it join full time clash

  11. Cool base , keep going… Ill try that. 

  12. i coming from yesil yol

  13. This base is good i got 50 % just by one archer . keep up the good work ( :

  14. Easy win from the top with dragons. Also 2 cannons down the bottom can be picked off with balloons. Not a good war base.

  15. please make a TH 8 anti 2 stars

  16. I will give it a try and I will post feedback

  17. Awesome base! But there are two things left… the Dark Barracks and the laboratory… Where do i put them?

  18. Hi Clash feed i'd like to try this base too bit my bluestacks is always crashing 🙁 but when it works you Can come to my Clan the name i tell you later ans record my defences!

  19. Where shoul we put the lab a barrack

  20. I'm gonna try this base

  21. Nicebase gotta use this

  22. gg

  23. Ouh very nice base

  24. where is laboratory and dark barracks

  25. nice base,dude but im gonna try ni layout


  27. nice!