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Clash of Clans Town Hall 7 Three Air Defense Anti Dragon War Base ♦ CoC TH7 3 Air Defense Base Setup

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  1. ohhh I get it town hall 7 because only 3 air defence I'm slow

  2. ohhh I get it town hall 7 because only 3 air defence I'm slow

  3. There were a a lot of videos earlier on youtube showing this exact layout. I ecpected u would deliver something original. And This base is easily 3 starred with funneling. So..not impressed at all.

  4. Nevermind

  5. I ran out of walls

  6. Thank you! My base will be able to be defend against drags. It help alot . thank you! Not only for doing this request for me. Also that youtuber actually respond back to me! I'll be watching your future video. BTW nice song to the base building, I always enjoy making my base like yours.

  7. Music = Wontolla, Kasger & Limitless – Miles Away [NCS Release]

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  9. Not my beautiful DRAGONS!! how dare you?!

  10. name of this amazing song

  11. i guess anti drag kinda exists now

  12. First like

  13. Lightning fast :D