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Clash of Clans | Town Hall 8.5/8.75 Anti 3 Star War Base (TH9 No Xbows) Jun 2016

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  1. Jacky is it Valkyrie lvl4 proof?it works fine fr gowipe ,goho and lavaloon only

  2. jack can you make a th8.75 warbase anti govaho/goho and dragloon! thanks in case 🙂 keep doing the good work

  3. holly god i need to get this village!!!

  4. hi,,, please town hall 9.5 (no inferno) farming/war ,,,,thx

  5. Thanks! When I upgrade to th9, and become a 8.75, I will use this!

  6. awesome base dude

  7. I guess, I gotta lot to work out, jack will u please check me out and give any 1 tip to be more effective, thank you :-)

  8. Bad base was 3starred first time with mass hogs since the dgbs are so easily seeable and triggered. May look good but wouldnt suggest using it. id give a 3/10


  10. Faz um Layout Cv9 Anti 3 Estrelas

  11. serious beast that you did only formations so because the farming almost not result if me bundles the please friend ago a of war with all without springs

  12. This was the formation that was waiting for 1 month one of th8,5 with all buildings less crossbows

  13. town hall 8.5 version 2?

  14. 3 wiz towers for 1 box.

    Not sure about that base

  15. ??like

  16. please make a th9 farming base

  17. Clash Royale Videos pls

  18. I don't think that the base works.

  19. yeahh

  20. hi, Jack can u make a th8.5 only added walls traps Queen and storages?

  21. ً

  22. Hi jack , can you please make a good deck for arena 4,5,6 which works after the balance changes ? because I want to push to arena 6. thanks

  23. You is a perfect jack

  24. HII

  25. lave

  26. soon 100k

  27. jack can u create a th10 war base please?

  28. you are the best th 8 peses

  29. what sup

  30. hell yea

  31. Hii

  32. th8 trophy base pleze?+Replay??

  33. Yo jack ✌️