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Clash of clans – Town Hall 8 (Th8) New Hybrid Base 2016 – Protect both Resources/Town hall

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  1. song background title

  2. Will this base survive against th9 barch or giant healer. Please someone reply. Anyways nice base!

  3. will it protect dark elixier?

  4. I want to try this base.????.I like it???.But right now my Town hall is level 6..Hehehe???.My friend send me this video..its really good.?????

  5. you are glowing

  6. nice base :)

  7. Very nice base,I like it.

  8. IS this anti giant too?

  9. I'm already impressed with this base design. My defense log is way better now than it was before, thank you. It has withstood five attacks (including a GoWiPe where two wizards got to my DE, but they got zero stars and not much loot at all) and only one star was given up and minimal resources. I recommend this base!

  10. Wanna know how to make bases?
    Go to this guy's channel. Ever since I built this, no one got a 3 star on me <3

  11. sub; )

  12. hey man, I got five hours without entering the game and won 164 trophies, this layout is top

  13. the perfect base it works it looks flawless and help on trophies and saves my loot thx

  14. you are the best brooo…

  15. you are really cool…

  16. i still have 1 spring trap n one wall left. what do i do with them??

  17. i will try and use it if it dosnit work i will spam this base is shit in the comment section

  18. Thank You !!!

  19. Bad intro! Please take The Old again !

  20. Hi Jack need th 9 product all recourses gold and elixir and dark …. Tks put storage inside.. Tks

  21. hey Huy, can i join your clan?
    I am level 103 th8.75

  22. awesome new intro jack, great build as always ?
    i think the song is Firestone @kygo

  23. Thanks bro! Nice base ;)

  24. Like for th8 defense bro

  25. another awsome video you jast made a perfect layout. (I know my english is a s***) I´m portuguese.

  26. jack plz i need th8 trophys base

  27. th8 war base pls jack, specially against drag…New update made drags OP with 2 light, 1rage and an earthquake

  28. how do you record your screen only and not your hand?

  29. Th9?

  30. This base is dope! I wish i could go back to 8 just to build it haha.

  31. good

  32. awsome base ty bro :)