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Clash of clans – Town hall 8 (th8) war base best 2015 anti 3stars New update + REPLAY

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  1. Song name: Alan walker – Fade
    Troop Clan caster: Dragon lv5

  2. Tên bài nhạc nền này là gì nhỉ ?
    Song name ?

  3. Its not the best tbh. I hav a base that never got 3 stared everr. But idont
    wanna share it. Idont want ppl using it. 

  4. How much for the th9 base most I got to pay is 35 PayPal 

  5. Clash of clans – Town hall 8 (th8) war base best 2015 anti 3stars New
    update + REPLAY

  6. are you stupid thats town hall 9

  7. Why are there so many repeated comments, not only in this video… in
    others to xD

  8. TH8 doesn’t provide enough walls for this design, wtf.

  9. looks like you stopped using your bots lol

  10. Great video!

  11. THATS TH9!!!

  12. please make designs more crowded hall 7 Hall 7 plss more designs Hall 7 and
    defense giant dragons anti etc more designs DESIGNS CITY farming plss 7
    please your designs are mantasticos I admire very much and my brother also

  13. + 1 ?
    I need th8 farm.plzzzz

  14. I recreated this and I don’t know how but I’m one wall short? Any ideas as
    to the stupid little mistake I made? I’ve been staring at the base figuring
    out the dimensions of the walls and it seems perfect

  15. nice best tho ! perfect for my TH8 <3

  16. 4:30 where did you put the other 2 bombs?

  17. Lava2 voi balon6 danh hall8 ma ko dc 3sao thi bo game di. Dung choi nua ngu
    vl yk

  18. Wtf?! Why everyone want to buy someone’s bases?..

  19. guys what is the name of music on this video.. i really like