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Clash of Clans – Town hall 8 (Th8) War Base + Defense REPLAY – ANTi TH9 ANTi GoWipe/GoHo/Hog/Dragons

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  1. whts ur clan name i wanna bookmark it

  2. Nice base. For that ill give you a small loan of a million dollars a million dollars ?, ill give a small loan of a million dollars ?. .

  3. dragão e balão é pt fácil

  4. hey GameDice I have drags lvl 2 can I still join your CLAN or no?

  5. hey GameDice I have drags lvl 2 can I still join your CLAN or no?

  6. Nice replays. I'll try this one. :3

  7. Do a th9 war base pls!

  8. Take 2 pekka, 2 golem, 3 earthquake, 1 heal and 1 rage. Fill up with wizards and cc kill squad. Get 2 max witches in your CC and an earthquake. Attack from bottom left side after dropping 4 earthquakes on top bottom left archer tower. Clear path to the middle and easy clean up if you are patient

  9. we need To see you !

  10. you've got a new sub!!! ?

  11. How does this base do for a maxed town hall 8 trying to push trophies past crystal?

  12. Clash of Clans from 1 to 10 how would rate this?


  14. with this cool base u need good clan just join here LTU ZIMLEKAI

  15. hi GameDice I sold u have more account that 6, 7, 8, 9 I wanna ask if u have th 10 and did u gemmed all ur accaunts

  16. That's a best defense base.A th9 finally broke my base✌?️

  17. Bro, why i can't join any of your clan?It say's:Unable to join clan at the moment… I am a TH7 btw .

  18. mano ta hard core tirar print

  19. I must say using this base now and these guys cant even 3 star me wit lvl 3 drags this is a great design and works ! ty

  20. Great Base!You should add anti-gowiwi too coz a th9 attacked me on war and get 2* so i call it a win

  21. gamedice , u have bluestacks (or not ) right ? so in your bluestacks was working clash of clans

  22. your the best !!!

  23. awsam istiak bro.. :)

  24. hey gamedice what do u use to record? I might start building bases too

  25. Would this work for a regular base, not war? If not, what would you recommend for TH8?

  26. Another amazing base

  27. are the skeleton traps air or ground?

  28. its good that u are BACK!!!

  29. Can you make a th9 war base without archer queen?

  30. terutama yg pake serangan naga,di serangan naga yg pertama lambat turunin naganya,di serangan naga yg ke2 salah penenpatan balloon

  31. wkwkwkwk basenya biasa biasa aja.yg nyerang aja bego

  32. Sorry,it is not possible for any TH8 base to not be hogged or gohoed

  33. Great video dude, keep up the good work and the excellent bases! :)

  34. Ok, now Lets try it out!!! ???

  35. i would try this one lol

    just telling
    i used use your previous TH8 design and even TH10 attack me (and finally fallen in hand of TH10)

  36. Wow, this worked for me, im actually using this for my throphy base, it is so awesome, the attacks that im getting got decreased because of this :D

  37. GameDiceHd this is me KingRain from GameDiceHD me and Tempest4682 have a huge surprise to show you so can you please get on to see what we have to show you

  38. me and my friend want some good th9 war base…please help us

  39. Ok thanks dude.. You great I got two devices in that both coc had your planned th8 and 7

  40. im gonna use earth spell and gohowipe..

  41. Can link Your account And the clan With this Base on?

  42. Thx bro

  43. Epic base

  44. you r best for ever

  45. th9 hybird base that protect the DE if you can ;)