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Clash Of Clans – Town Hall 8 (TH8) War Base – September 2016 ♦ Dead Zone War Base

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  1. I would use a golem and barbarian king kill squad to take out the air def with back end loons or drags

  2. nice video , but this base is very weak aganist Goho no double giant bombs.. also golems will move alot in the base thats make the base weaker! for the hogs , but btw very cool video!

  3. your good
    thanks again

  4. waoo nice I.m taon hol 10

  5. I'm currently testing another war base made by me. But you guys requested so much for a TH8 war base so until my base gets completed.Here is one from COC Forum.
    Hope you liked the song.

  6. hello clash of fun hope you having a fine day or night love the vids bro keep it up