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Clash of Clans – Town Hall 8: Titan’s League! Zero to Hero #1 – 366/4200 Trophies

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  1. is that the smash bros soundtrack playing in the background?

  2. You will be at 711

  3. I Think balloons ad minions are good with 2 reage and 1 heal

  4. I am so happy ur finally doing clash again but by the way the resources u got in ur attacks were not that good a good loot raid is like 200k of gold and elixir. Now am not criticizing I am just pointing something out so plz don't take it as criticism but rather as helpful advice

  5. your welcome for the poison spell man

  6. Super smash Bros theme song was I the backround

  7. Reversal, you should use hog riders but beware of giant bombs!

  8. do max goblins

  9. Reversal use Garch at th8 with 20 giants and rest archers with 2 heal spells and 1 rage it's a very strong Comp.

  10. man, use all pekkas or all wizards and see what fun u and we get

  11. Yeaaa finally clash:)

  12. Im in your clan

  13. Hi rev thanks for excepting me in the clan

  14. use barch till u reach 1100 trophies, there are people still put their th out.

  15. Hi rev, i nearly got enough trophies to join..

  16. Good luck in learning Gowipe. If you're struggling I can show you when and where to deploy troops :)

  17. Giants,Healers.wizards and wall breakers. I'm a th7 i use this strategy i 2 star th8s and sometimes 3 star th8s :D

  18. is that the song from super mario sunshine?

  19. Clash is back. Have waiting too long for t

  20. I think your thumbnail skills are improving!! Haha