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Clash of Clans – Town Hall 8: Titan’s League! “Zero to Hero” #2 – 1356/4100 Trophies

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  1. When i get 1000 cups on clash royale can i join your clan!!

  2. NOICE

  3. More coc please

  4. u r such a newb

  5. Are you playing Clash Royale? Saw your name on a TV Royale replay.

  6. When use use drags use should use lightning spells to take out the air defence. But u don't have to, but it does make it easier

  7. hey rev, im a th8 and im pushing to champs atm and you will never find any th snipes when you get to masters and when you reach masters 2, you will start losing 40 trophies and so on, youll have to learn how to goho to reach to titans man it will be pretty hard trust me!

  8. such good looooot

  9. it so funny how you lame this:) this will be my favorite series :)

  10. Ov did zero to hero….

  11. Nice job!

  12. Zero to hero.. origineel hoor

  13. Try deploying your balloons on a straight line! That will help take out defenses fast! Nice job 🙂 Keep it coming man.. Cheers!

  14. Good luck reversal! :D

  15. Reversal, please upload more often and i would to love to see your improvement throughout clash. :D

  16. Reversal, please, PLEASE, listen to this advice: when you drop the balloons, don't group them all together! The reason you got taken out on many of the bases with balloons is because you grouped them together. To fix this just form a short line of balloons. Also, with your spells. When you drop the rage or heal, drop it where the troops are going to go, not where they are at currently