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Clash of Clans Town Hall 8 WAR Base ♦ CoC TH8 ANTI 3 STAR WAR TROPHY HYBRID Base with Air Sweeper

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  1. Captain Clash nice video anyways… Is there anyway you could do a shoutout I try my hardest but it's so hard to get subs!! Thanks for your time!!

  2. good job bro

  3. awesome thanks for listening to my suggestion! 🙂 totally will use this!

  4. would you mind building a th 8.5 hybrid base? Only with queen, air sweeper, storages and new walls and traps

  5. not th8 I still like watching ur videos

  6. fine so muth

  7. Galera novo vídeo do canal, sigam e comentem, compartilhem o vídeo com seus amigos, dando aquela força. Tmj galera massa…

  8. k buena aldea!????

  9. First!